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Social media Marketing is about promoting the business on all the social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter etc.

For now social media marketing is considered as one of the best way to generate business leads.

All the available social media platform has its own uniqueness.

Facebook : It is the no. one platform among all the social networking sites which connects the people using Texts, Picture & Video Contents.

Instagram : It is famous for Photography. Since the Selfie trend is rising & everybody loves sharing the moments captured in the camera. Instagram is the revolution in such cases.

YouTube : It is the no. 1 platform to share the video content worldwide publicly. Since the picturisation & videography memorizes human brains easily and effectively.

Linkedin : Well, there is saying that generally the people spend 20 Years in education and the person is judged by just 2 page resume & this opportunities has been taken place by the linkedin. Now most of the corporate companies checks the candidates linkedin Profile first and then gives him the offer letter. Hence Linkedin has played one of the major role in corporate world in term of technology.

Twitter : All the celebrities weather its cricketer, actor, singer or musician. They are nothing without the audience but they can’t be stay connected all the time with their fans and the twitter become the problem solving channel between the audience and celebrities. Now almost every cricketer, actor, politician or author can be found on twitter to interact with their audience. Which gives them the direct coordination opportunities.

Now there’s myth that social media marketing is just about posting the photos, videos and text content and sharing them in the groups and increasing more likes and comments which is completely not true.

This statement is made by the people who actually doesn’t know the social media.

Now a days social media is the next revolution. It has the power to make or brake someone.

Social media works on the following 6 approaches :

  1. Branded Channel
  2. Closed Communities
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Co-creation
  5. Social Selling
  6. Customer Service

social media marketing

Look at the above reports the no. of social media users all over the world is more than 7.6 billion and it is always in the rising shape rather than decreasing.

Social media has given the rise of so many influencers.


Social media is moreover about Brand Building, Generating business leads, Converting the prospects into Sales & Growing Business Revenue.