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The Secret Of Selling.

When it comes to selling, it’s being said that selling is an art.
Yes, Off course. Selling is an art & a good artist is the one who attracts the most audience.

For example a painting having same color, same element, same design but DIFFERENT PAINTER will create DIFFERENT IMPACT on the audience which will create PRICE DIFFERENTIATION.

We all know in every normal bollywood movie it happens like there will be an actor, villain & actress. Even the story will be like Villain will harm the actor & actor will be married with actress and the show will be the end but we go to watch all the different movie because of different actor and director. Most of the time Director creates the scene to be engaging and attracting so that audience can relate the scene with them.

Selling can be considered as the same art having with a Painter, singer or Director which gives the different impacts on the audience.


“Higher you attract the Audience, Higher you get Paid”

Higher you sell, higher the revenue you make.

No body can be successful in sales only if he focus on selling the product but there can be a several factors effecting the sales such as Right Customer who are in need, Right Product, Affordable Price, Effective Marketing strategy & a Perfect Sales Man.
If you pitch a product to the customer you have to think about his behavior and rather than keeping the word Purchase in Mind you need to replace this word by HELPING THEM TO BUY.

When you help someone in buying then you start thinking about several factors such as price of the product and it’s affordability.
For example, you can find any successful company selling the high pricing product. They understood that the people can’t pay the whole amount in one short hence they come up with emi scheme which solved the customer problems and increases the sales as well.

Now none of the high pricing products are advertised without emi option.

Even the Apple, one of the leading telephone company advertise like buy Apple X @ 2449/- of easy EMI

Let me give you another example.

Yesterday i was at my home and i saw there came 2 junk dealer one by one.
The first one came and started saying sell your junk, sell your junk, sell your junk but none of the society member responded.
The second came and started saying take the CUMIN in exchange of old scrapes, mobile phones, used plastics & other garbage.
My grandmother who was in balcony came to me and started asking me that Vijay i am going to buy the cumin in exchange of this mobile phone (which were unused since years the basic mobile phone of nokia having keypad the old one.)

Here the Junk dealer hit into the mind of his audience by reminding them about their unused house holding and also offered them something in exchange.

While going to be a sales person, you also have to understand that for customer all the time money doesn’t matter but if you can grab the attention by giving little extra offer or discount even that does matter a lot and people buy.

You can find this while buying the laptop of Rs. 40,000, the company offers free printer of Rs. 2500 or 3000/-.
you can buy the Television of Rs. 50,000 and they offer you the free iron of Rs. 1500/-

This is how selling works and becomes an art.

A perfect artist knows how to get the attention of the audience and retain them & then start asking for money in exchange of entertainment.

Also that’s not enough An artist has to keep in mind that we have to call the same audience even the next time so to make him curious for the next show as well.

For me i can entertain someone by my story telling and content writing.


What’s your art, would love to know in comment section.