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“Money” The Most Important Factor Of Life.

If you have born in this world, you will have to pay rent.
Living on this planet cost you.
You have to pay charges for your survival.
The basic need of survival is
Food, clothing and homes and nothing is free.
If you need food, you will have to pay charges, if you need clothing, you will have to pay, if you want to stay somewhere, you will have to pay.
Even if you are at your home, you have paid the cost initially. So indirectly that’s even not free for you.

Education is the next most important weapon and even that’s not free. Higher the level of education you enter in, higher the amount of fee you pay in life.

Nothing is free here.
There’s is an old saying in the corporate culture that #there_is_no_free_lunch and that’s 101% right.

When you understand this, your mind starts working.

You get to know that if you want to survive, you will have to pay charges for everything and when you have to pay charges, you will start thinking of earning.
When you think of earning, you will start finding the available resources and that’s the JOB off course the first preference and second on is self employment or business.

When you join the job you see the dark face of the Life initially since nobody is use to with 9 to 5 sitting, office politics, critics, unfair division by the management, crediting salary into the account and giving the whole amount to Credit card department in the very next day.

A days comes when you have to borrow from a friends to buy few things.
Now you come to realize that when your earnings were zero, your banks accounts indicates some figure but now you are earning something but your bank account show the balance zero.

You don’t understand what the hell is happening ?

There was a dream of creating big organisation, changing the world, becoming actor, enjoying on the beach, 3-4 special friends and so much fun but as the time past, the scenario completely gets reversed.

It was the time, every Sunday was for the friends in the cafe, club & hall but it’s a day when we have to make a plan once a month or some time after 6 month or year to meet specially.

Someone is busy with family, someone is busy with business, someone is busy with job, somebody is still hustling.

And the whole hustling is just for money. To increase the bank balance since everything on this planet cost you. There is no FREE LUNCH.

Note :
Couldn’t find the end of this article, I am still wondering how to end it but thought to post it whatever it is for now.

Would love to know your saying.