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Just Don’t Do Formality, Short Life-Changing Story

Let’s have a short and simple story.

I was in my school & there was a short and simple rule for all latecomers.

We all have to pick the garbage 🗑 and put it into the dustbin. This was the punishment for all latecomers.

And one fine day FORTUNATELY I got late & with me, my friend also got late.

Why am I saying the fortunate because I learned a very important lesson on that?

When I got late I was punished with my friend to pick up the garbage and put it into the dustbin but being a student of 12th class we all have an ego and attitude that how can I do that. We will be insulted in from of other students.

So I started creating what we all would have done that started acting like picking up the garbage but was not picking in reality. So it was like completing the formalities.

And on the other hand, I saw my friend he was doing his job without any hesitation and I got socked.

I asked him why are you doing that?? We are here to study not to pick up the garbage. Just leave it.
Do the formality and we will be in the classroom after 10 min.
Just leave it.
There are the housekeepers who will do that.

And when my friend replied, it was the life-changing sentence for me & I am still following the same with sincerity.

The line was


Yes, it was the life transformational line for me.

I went into deep thought & started thinking that there are lots of activities where I just a male formality but what if I would start doing that in reality rather than making it formality because even the formality consumes Time, Energy and sometimes Money even. So why don’t we do that in reality rather than making it formality?

And when I implemented this I got just totally transformed.

Let’s take this in practical life.

There is a relationship that we maintain just for formality but what we actually start giving attention to those relationships or leave if it’s not possible. Either we will be close to that person and if not so we will be separated forever which will save our time and energy.

We are doing the formality so many times in jobs but what if we actually start giving attention to that particular things, we will start adding value to our life and also will understand the importance of that particular activity.

We maintain formality by telling lies to our parents, friends, boss, teachers and other person but what if we actually start giving attention and start telling the truth by not doing just formality …???

And yes now I just don’t do formality but do the things which are necessary or just leave it or ignore it.

What’s your saying ??


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