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How to Win Business Competition?

A lesson I learned from a person today is great which I want to share.

We usually say and listen to there’s huge competition in the market in any specific field.

A very Short story with deep understanding:Once upon a time. The local boys were playing cricket.
The batsman facing the baller was new to the group.
Initially, he missed a few balls. The other players started criticizing him.
In the next over he hit a boundary, the criticizer said it was a very simple ball that anybody could hit it, not a big deal.
The boy again hit a boundary on the next ball, the criticizer said, it was just throw arrow.

The boy again hit the boundary, the criticizer said it was luck. By the next ball, he will be out.

The batsman again made the ball to touch the boundary missing catch by a fielder.

criticizer: it was his fortune only, he doesn’t know how to play. In the next ball, he will be in the dressing room.

The batsman hit another one.

Criticizer: not a big deal to hit 4 on 4. He will be out on next delivery

Yes, the batsman made it possible this time again.

Criticiser: The baller has lost length and line & delivering the simple ball. There’s no good point with batsman & might match is fixed.

The next delivery: batsman hit & caught by the fielder & ended his innings.

Criticiser excited & said: see, told you he will be out. He doesn’t know how to play.

Moral of the story.

*You don’t need to prove everyone, who you are. Just believe in you.
* Some people will always criticize, doesn’t matter whatever the situation is.
* The negative mind will always be negative
* Don’t lose hope, have patience & play safe. Even life has 60 years over or more.
*Never criticize someone, it always gives a negative result. Appreciation always leads criticism
But did we think that is there anything where there is no competition?

Any profession such as Doctor, Lawyer, CA, CS, Engineer, etc…. whatever the profession is, isn’t there competition?
But still, after having so much competition, there are people who are still making money and there are people who are facing financial challenges.

I have seen many lawyers sitting in front of the court without even a single client and on the other hand, there were the lawyers who don’t have the space to offer their client to sit in the cabin.
I have few doctors just opening the clinic and going home with no money, on the other hand, there are hospitals and doctors who have the shortage of beds for their patients.

There are institutions getting closed down & there are Institutes who is taking more buildings on lease to adjust the students.

Is it still about the competition?

Ans is yes. It’s about the competition because if there is competition it means there’s demand in the market.

All you have to do is become a unique supplier with great value.

The price doesn’t matter. People pay even more when you offer them the right product or service.

You have to focus on building yourself a unique brand. Look different from the crowd.

Find your uniqueness by adding value to people’s life.

There will be no competition.