No Free Lunch story, Life changing story

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No Free Lunch story

There is a story about a king who called his advisers and asked them to write down
the wisdom of the ages so that he could pass it on to future generations. After a lot of
work, the advisers came up with several volumes of wisdom and presented them to
the king. The king called his advisers and said that it was too long, people would not
read it. They had to condense it. The advisers went back to work and came back
with one volume. The king said the same thing. They came back again with one
chapter and then one page, and the king said the same thing still until they came up
with one sentence that satisfied the king. He said that if there was one piece of
wisdom that he wanted to pass on to future generations, it is this one sentence:
“There is no free lunch.”
In every organization or society, there are freeloaders. They are people who want to
get a benefit without paying for it. They are looking for freebies. By and large,
sometime or the other, most of us have been guilty of being a freeloader. This is
typically seen in associations and organizations. Most members are inactive. They
want and get the full benefit of the effort of the active ones.

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