How To Set Your Goal ?

 Goal Setting?

How to achieve your goal in 6 steps


  • Determination of current position
  • Target 
  • Available resources
  • Prioritization 
  • Millstones 
  • Achievement

 Goal setting is a very common topic we may have heard but another fact is, this is one of the important elements of success.

Until or unless we don’t have the goal we are useless.

A human having no goals is just like an animal because humans have brains and on this surface, only humans are the god-gifted spices, not any animals, insects, trees & other spices.

Every human born on this planet must have a goal to contribute something and build this world a better place before leaving the body.

Goals can be of any type such as It might be financial, spiritual, relationship, career, business & family, etc and it might be bigger or smaller doesn’t matter.

For a student passing the exam or getting the first rank in his exam could be a goal.

For an army man defeating the opponent can be the goal.

For a sports person winning can be a goal. 

For an office employee achieving the month, the target can be a goal.

For a businessman increasing the turnover of his company can be a goal.

There is a saying that


So there can be different types of goals but there is a proper set of patterns that how to achieve that particular goal whatever it is.

The steps are as follows: SEROM

Start Point: To achieve anything you must know from where to start. You may consider the Goal as a race, so if there is a race you know that from where do you have to start and that’s important because if there is no starting point there will not be a race or competition & determination criteria. 

When you leave the house to the office you know that you have to start from your home to reach the office.

When we get the children admitted to the school for the first time, we know that he has to start to form the nursery class.

If a train leaves a station there is a specific determining arrival and departure place scheduled. 

Hence, after deciding the goal what do you have to achieve, you need to determine from where to start. 

Guru Chanakya has a goal to beat king dhananda and he started his journey by training Chandragupta for war.


“Whatever you want to do you must need to know from where to start”


However, several factors may be considered with starting point such as Analysis of the current position.

Analysis of current position is the very first thing that one needs to do when it comes to achieving something.

Analysis means you need to find yourself in every aspect of life that where do you stand right now.

The elements based on which you have to determine areas Financially, Family, Health, Relationship, Personal, Professional positions.

For example In the Mahabharta when Arjuna was trying to hit the fisheye, he analyzed himself where does he stand. Is he capable to do the same? Who else is available there? Can he participate in the contest as per the given circumstances?

If we talk about another example, let’s suppose you want to go to the office, you have to find yourself that where are you now. Are you at your home or somewhere else? How much time will it take? What dress are you wearing? Do you have the money in your pocket? do you carry all the relevant documents?

When you get the Bus to reach somewhere, the first step is you find yourself at which station or stand are you standing right now then you find the bus where will it go? 

If talking about football. The player targeting to hit the ball to enter into the goal zone, first determines where is he right now & later he plans accordingly how would he hit the football?

When you see cricket the batsman first sees himself where is he standing then he finds the way to hit the ball to the boundary.

Finding yourself where are you right now is the most important step to achieve the goal.

2. Target

After analyzing yourself, you have to find out the target. Where do you want to be? What do you want to achieve?

You need to be specific with your target so that you can identify the end zone.

There is a saying in Hindi that

 Ant Bhalla to sb Bhalla. 

So sometimes how did you start doesn’t matter but how do you end is interesting. 

If there is race and starting point is determined but if there are no ending points, there is no meaning of race. 

A bus having no end zone will carry no passengers.

A plane having no departure place will reach nowhere. 

If there is no end zone, we will be going with the flow of life. 

It will be just a boat flowing with the water.

There must have a target point. The prime minister serving the nation has the set target for five years which helps them to perform their duty. 

A corporate company performing well as a target for the year-end that they will achieve a fixed particular amount in that specific year. 

A cricketer running between the wicket has the starting and ending point.

A batsman hitting the six has a boundary which clarifies there is six if a ball doesn’t fall before that line.

Until or unless there is no end zone we will not be able to find the purpose.

In other words, it can be said that finding the target is finding the goal in itself.   


This step is about finding the available resources to achieve the particular goal. 

Resources are not limited to Tools & Techniques only but one has to consider all the following elements for resources purpose.

Skills, Knowledge, Person, Money, Food, Wealth, Books, 

A student targeting to clear the exam will have to find the resources such as books, libraries, teachers & short notes, etc.

An army man fighting for his country will need tools such as Guns, Bombs, Tanks & other attacking weapons. 

A businessman to build his empire will need people, money, a computer, laptop & office setup, etc.

When Arjuna was targeting the fisheye, he needed not only the Dhanush Ban but direction from Shri Krishna & permission from his elder brother Yudhishthira as well.

A woman handling the house doesn’t require money only but to maintain the house she is also in need of support of family members, food, clothing & other necessary stuff.

When the superpower made the human, he also produced all the required resources such as Water, trees & Food, etc so that a human can survive. 

So finding the available resources are one of the important tasks.

Hence once you finalized the starting and ending part you have to find next to the resources which will help you to achieve the target.

It may be understood by the following example as if you want to go for a tour, you have to decide a location where do you want to go and after finalizing the location, you find the way that how would you go? you will go by flight, train or by your vehicle? what is more comfortable for you considering the various factor such as distance, budget, time & duration, etc.

For another example, if you want to start any business then you have to think about different business categories & industries and once you finalize the business you have to find out the required resources such as people, space, plant & machinery, computer & funds, etc.

These all are resources required to achieve the goal of doing business.

The important points to be considered while working on resources are as follows :

  • Cost & Budget: we have to check out the budget we have for the required resources and the costing. If we are at the initial stage we have to compromise somehow for the resources. Since we have a limited budget we can’t afford costly resources hence we have to make adjustments and we have to find low-cost resources.

For example, when I was starting my Computer training institute I needed a laptop for the students & the good laptop use to start with the price of Rs. 25,000/- which was not possible to afford since I was limited with a budget and I couldn’t afford to spend the 2.5 Lakh rupees for 10 laptops. Hence I tried to find alternatives and got few old laptops from friends at the price range of Rs. 10,000 each and also got few new laptops between Rs. 15K to 18K of Acer company with low configuration. 

Also, I tried to manage the cost by buying second-hand chairs and furniture for students.

  • Useful duration: This point is valid for the items you want to buy or where money needs to be spent.

For example, if you are starting a business and you need a meeting space only for a few hrs but you don’t have the right one. In such a scenario, there is space on rent for meeting only available in the market which is the best option.

Sometimes when you want to go to the office or to back to home you have to make choices among personal vehicle, company cab or public transport & those decisions are based on the time duration & cost as well.

A student may consider the factor that how long a pen will write well in an exam.

Generally, in business, there is a need for more human powers. So if you need manpower for a shorter period rather than hiring someone it is better to ask a friend or relative for help at the initial stage to save the cost. In such a scenario, there might be a situation of shamefulness or guilty feeling but you need to avoid that to achieve the result. There should not be the things like ego and attitude otherwise you will have to bear the cost.

The ultimate aim is to get the work done within the desired time frame under the budget. 

  • Available alternatives: if there is a need for any resources which are either too much costly or we can’t find them, the best way is to find its alternative. 

When I was starting my institute I had to buy the camera to prepare youtube videos and a good camera cost not less than Rs.50,000/- generally. 

I started making videos using a mobile phone at that time rather than spending Rs.50,000/-. Yes, you will have to make a little bit of adjustment but somehow things are manageable with the alternatives.

When you don’t find one train to reach the destination you either find another one or look for another option such as bus, flight or private car. 

In the business generally, there is a need for so many resources. A good entrepreneur needs to be ready with the different alternatives keeping in mind that the work should not get suffered at any cost.

The main idea is to achieve the desired goal.


This is another important factor to be considered while recognizing the resources. Since there is a limited budget, shortage of time & duration hence we have to prioritize the needs. What Is needed first, should be done.

For example, in any business, there is a need for a person to take the action & execute the plan.

For students appearing for the exam, the priority would be buying all the necessary stuff such as a pen, pencil, rubber & eraser, etc.

For a mother, the priority would be to get her child to have food. 

Prioritization is important. It gives tremendous benefit when you prioritize the needs.

When I started my institute I used to be messed up with the work such as family, home, office, study, staff, money & other necessary work & since I was mess up I could do nothing. It went for around two to three months and later on I found the way I started writing down all the work in my diary and prioritized it according to need. 

For example, I remember I had to post the ad to hire the staff, I had to make a call to a new client for business, I had to make payment reminder to my old client, I had call mom for some personal work, I had to teach the student as well, I had to pay credit card bill also.

Normally I used to feel the pressure of work over the head then I noted down all the work and prioritized it.

And started finishing it one by one such as I knew that if I would not make a credit card payment on time, I will have to make extra late payment charges hence when I reached the office I paid the bill, making payment reminder call the client in the morning might ruin the morning of client and mine as well hence I postponed it for the afternoon and called the fresh client in the morning after making payment. I posted the ad to hire the staff after that & made a call to mom for personal work. There were students by the time and I taught them also & thus by the evening I had done almost 95% of my written task. 

Prioritization also helps to make choice. When I started the computer center I needed lots of items such as a chair, table, computer, etc with a limited budget then I prioritized the thing that what is the most important thing required to start the center, I just kept that in mind and postponed all other things which was not that much relevant for that time


5.Enjoying Milestones :

There is saying that :

“Being on TOP is not Exciting but the Journey is”

This is a very deep thought, you need to understand. What the people make mistakes is they fix up their mind with a thought that they will enjoy their success once it is achieved but the fact is there is nothing like that which is celebrated after achieving the success but you have to enjoy the journey passed by to achieve the goal.

The ups and downs, challenges, fears of losing & taking the risk everything is just felt during the journey which can only be felt neither expressed in words nor can be seen.

Once you achieve your goal, everything is just a story to tell the people which may or may not be inspiring or exciting. 

While you are on a mission or on the way to achieve any goal that’s the moment you have to live, that’s the time you have to eat the cake, that’s the time you have to push yourself in the danger zone to judge your ability or capability of taking a risk.

One should never keep in mind that you will enjoy when you will reach your goal but you should start living from the day one you started towards your goal.

For an athlete winning a race is not that much exciting as his preparation & race time is.

For a cricketer winning a game is not that much exciting as playing on the ground is. 

For a businessman making huge money is not that much exciting as managing the whole team, taking the new challenges, facing the losses are.

What I just want to say here is there are small milestones on the way to the goal, you should start enjoying every milestone and then reach the final destination.

6. Achievement : 

So finally here comes a time when you have to eat your cake now. After doing everything, giving day and night, after so much hostelling & bustling, finally, now you are on the stage. So it’s time to rock & roll and jump. 

Whether the goal is short-term or long-term, the goal is just to pass an academic exam or getting a govt job, whether it’s about building a million-dollar venture or opening just a small garments shop, if you have done anything believe me you can do anything. There is no other person who can stop you from doing any greatest things in this world except you. 

Remember achievements are always rewarded. 

If you have achieved a very short thing, your rewards will be short, if you have achieved something big, your reward will be bigger.  

To be motivated, you should always count on your achievement in life. There will be several achievements in life. 

Achievement is not limited to creating a world record only but it can a very small thing as well.

For a student his achievements can pass the exam, getting certificates and trophies for extra curriculum activities, 

for an employee achievement can be getting his sales target achieved, for father achievements can be making his children’s career, for cop achievements can catching the most wanted thief & so on.

Achievement can be as small as praise by just words & it can be as huge as getting the Bharat Ratna Award.

Just stay healthy wealthy & smile to get set with your Goals.

Keep Shining


What is your goal and how are you going to achieve it? Comment Below.

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