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How To Become a Digital Teacher to Achieve Financial Freedom

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What is Digital Teaching?

The world is changing at a dynamic pace and it has become a Digital world. Now every profession is turning itself into digital. You must have to be aware of the technology since changing is the rule of nature and the one who doesn’t change with the time loose their identity.

Teaching profession is a very respectful and reputed profession and has been served with huge traditional methods, but in this changing world, the teaching profession must change their identity into digital. So the technical definition of Digital Teaching will be stated as “Digital & Technical form of Teaching professional”

Digital Teaching is the art of Exploring knowledge, Branding Yourself & generating revenue thru internet & digital media using your Intelligence & Professional skills.

This digital platform covers social media, Google Search, Email Marketing, Content creation, Mobile Marketing, Article Writing etc. However there is no end of the digital world since I believe that Digital world is a vast ocean and nobody can measure it, even I have the knowledge but only some part of it not entire.

Why Digital Teaching is the big platform?

Since the technology level is improving day by day and internet user is increasing with the trend.

Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter & other social media platform is getting more visitors and increasing its database with huge potential.

People used to prefer the classes by physically going to Institute, Coaching, Training center by giving their Time, Energy & Fare but now people are preferring online classes, video lectures, Audio Podcast & eBooks.

We all Entrepreneur, Business or any Professional know that we need to establish ourselves where there is crowed. The crowded place is a golden opportunity for us to grab the visitors and convert the visitors into a customer or client.

Nowadays all the social media platform has become the most crowded place & especially for youngsters.



Market Size

The world is spending on digital platform blindly nowadays. As per internet survey report India has the second largest internet user & it is to be grown by at least 50 Million yearly till 2020.

This fact is of only India & India has 1.26 Billion population currently and birthrate 19.3 birth /1000 population.

If you are a Teacher approx 20 Lacs students enroll every year in CBSE Board.

digital teacher group


If you are passionate about Fashion & Lifestyle

digital teacher group

If you are interested in Technology

There is similar many more areas you can figure out for which you are interested in Cooking, Singing, Music, Dancing, Engineering, Medical, Education etc.

There is no doubt for the scope if you have the knowledge & capability. Even only the Indian market would like an ocean for you.

Opportunity in Digital Teaching

According to me Opportunity in any sector is created. It totally depends upon your skills. But the following is the best opportunity you can figure it out.

  • You can brand yourself with Digital Teaching
  • You can become a National / International Teacher, Trainer or consultant
  • You can become Author, Blogger, Lecturer
  • You can grab the job opportunity as well
  • You can utilize the knowledge to build & expand your business since the digital platform is the most important function of marketing nowadays.

Earning Source for Digital Teacher

To survive in this universe earning is the primary motive behind every work for anybody.

There are several earning options available for a Digital Teacher

  • Job options: Job is the first & last options for everybody & every field. If there is no option for you, you can join the job in any field. There is always scope available. Either you are a Teacher, Doctor, Marketer, Engineer or CA
    • The salary range may vary with respect to different location, qualification & designation. But giving the brief idea about a teacher salary it may vary for a fresher between 4 Lac to 2.4 Lac Annually. (Pvt. Schools/ Institution )
    • A person having experience at about 5 Year or more can go with a package of 5 Lacs or more.
  • If you are not interested in Job
    • You can set up your own institute or coaching center. But this requires some capital which can be a negative point for most of the people.
    • Providing Home tuition is also another option available via contacting the bureau like Padho-Padhao, Home tutors etc. (But this is also giving the negative result for the teachers since they are not getting the tuitions regularly & the bureau charges are high & non-refundable)

Advantage & Earning of Digital Teaching

  • Use the Knowledge to Brand Yourself

I highly recommend everyone to join Digital platform just because of only this feature. Branding yourself gives you the Lifetime Assets. it is a form of passive income for everyone. It will be multiplying your earnings by 10X. This is your future investment with zero cost but utilizing your knowledge & time. It is said that “Time is money” & digital platform fit into this example perfectly. If you are making a digital platform today it will be giving you the profit for a lifetime.

  • Start as a side business & boost your passive income

I call this a form of passive income ie. Income from income. However, it is not even the income from income but income from the utilization of your time & skills. Starting the Digital Platform as a side business & working over it on regular basis will be like “it takes to drop by drop to fill the pitcher”.

  • Become an Educational Consultant, Trainer, Mentor or Career Coach

This world is always hungry for the knowledge & there are a lot of people who don’t have the knowledge for the education, lifestyle & practical life. If you have the knowledge & experience you can be a perfect coach for someone & provide guidance to the needy. Education is the foundation of life & even I have personally realized that there is lack of good teachers in this world. This world really needs some good teachers like Guru Chankaya, Guru Dronacharya. Dr. Abdul Kalam. There are no people to provide complete & true guidance.

  • Become a Self-book publisher, Author & Blogger

Digital Platform is a very good platform for everyone who is an author and want to express their feelings in terms of words. In the past life, it was very difficult to publish any kind of book & become an author. You had to contact the publishers, meet the editors & so many things were to do. But in the digital world, it is very much easy to publish a book & become an author & earn millions just from your words & expertise. eBooks are getting very popular now. Amazon has changed the eBook market drastically.


Who Can Learn Digital Teaching?

Anyone can learn Digital Teaching. There is no specific requirement to become a Digital Teacher. Most of the people having the misunderstanding that you need to be a programmer & having the idea about coding. But these all are just a myth. There is no need for coding or programming language. For me, I am a commerce graduate & the job profile is in Finance & Accounts but I am a successful digital teacher.

I prefer people to learn Digital Teaching After 12th std. during college or when one starts teaching.

To become an expert in  Digital Teaching all you need is just a Laptop or Computer & Internet connection.


How to learn Digital Teaching?

The best way to learn anything is by practicing even I recommend people for this. If you are learning something & not implementing & practicing those things there are very fewer chances that you will be an expert in your field.

Digital Teaching is also the same. You should learn with self-practice. That’s how I have learned.

You can prefer books even but I don’t recommend books since the Digital world is dynamic changing world & books becomes outdated once printed. But reading Articles & Blog post are preferred because bloggers are updated with the field.

You can also learn the course in the market as Digital Marketing Course from PVT. Institutions but that cost Rs. 50,000 to 75,000 or even more.

You can learn this by my video lectures & articles as well.


Start with Personal Branding & Niche Website Blog

I will recommend you to create a WordPress website for your personal branding & blogging on your favorite topic. (ex. Specific Subject, Class, Language, professional, Training, Cooking, Lifestyle, Technology etc. )


To create WordPress website you will need Domain & Hosting. You can buy Domain & Host from given below link. Also, read more about Domain & Hosting with given link.


Buy Domain from BIG ROCK (Link )                             Buy Hosting from BLUE HOST (Link )

(Note: This is an Affiliate link & I will be getting some commission if you will be with this link )


Start your own online course. Create your own online profile, drive traffic to your blog, experiment different methods & learn with your blogs & articles.

This online platform will increase your earning by 10X. you will be an expert in your specific course worldwide & will be gaining knowledge & experience as well.


Thanks for giving your time to this article.

Your feedback will appreciate my writing.

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Vijay Ray is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public & Motivational Speaker. He Believes "Motivation" is basic need of Success & Every one should keep life on LEARNING mode always.

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