How Does Your Personality Effect Yourself !!

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When the word personality is used it is obvious that a image insert in our mind of a particular person, we want to look like. It may be of a famous celebrity, our relative, friends or family.

Personality of any people defines his/her profession. Personality is the first impression and it is said that “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”. Personality makes any one to look different among the crowd.

Element of Personality:

Personality here doesn’t means of having a good looking physic, or nice dressing sense only however Personality consists of several key points that is important to have a dynamic personality.

  • Good Physic (Includes height & weight as per age )
  • Dressing Sense (Dress color, Fashion, Shoes/Sandle, Tie / Neckless, Belt & other Personal accessories )
  • Hair Style
  • Face Cut
  • Smile
  • Tooth
  • Walking Style
  • Way of Talking
  • Body Gesture / Posture
  • Good Sense of Humour
  • Eyes reflection
  • Face reaction
  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Thinking
  • Attitude

The above points is concluded from a survey over a different peoples including celebrities and a normal person and a shocking point was noted that none of them had all the points but they were covering most of the points. A Great personality doesn’t develop just over a night but it takes some time to see effect. What we use to implement today always gives result in future, hence no body should get discouraged if they are not having any points because these are human creativity and can be learned by practice. So rather than discouraging We should focus on learning and practicing for what we don’t have.

Value & Importance Of Personality :

The value of the personality is indicated and becomes very important at some specific situation ie.

  • Interview
  • Office
  • Business or other Meetings
  • Marriage
  • Function / Celebration / Party / Occasion
  • Business Events/ Seminar
  • College
  • School

The person having a good personality is always preferred first. There are plenty of examples in the society.

There are no. of cricketers in india and Mr. Sachin Tendulkar is known as God of cricket on the other hand Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the no. 1 Captain but when point comes for the personality the finger goes to Virat Kohli by most of the youngster .

Indian actor Hrithik Roshan is the Second sexiest man in the Asia after the Pillow Talk crooner Zayn Malik.

Deepika Padukone is known as the Sexiest Woman in Asia.

Indian celebrity Mr. Amitabh Bachhan is also known as legendry people for his personality.

Looking into real facing life we can see the most of the Managers in company, Leaders, Seniors all have a charming and smart personality.

Taking a very short example : Suppose there are 2 child going to the school. 1 is well dressed and another is the guy with some dirty cloths. It is oblivious, the first one would be loved by the teacher or anybody.

2 Boys going to the college. The one having a smart & charming personality would be loved by the girls.

The people going for interview will always be preferred who is having dynamic personality which includes Shoes, Hair Style, Sitting Gesture, Posture, Formal, Informal Dress, Speaking Language, Smiling Face, apart from Working Knowledge .

The business people going to sign any contract. Having a great personality will increase the chances of getting their job done.

Dressing Sense has very important role in maintaining the personality. We should always wear the cloths which suits our body & increase the personality also we should be aware about trending fashion. We should not be more fashionable but being simple with fashion is always loved.

Hair style, Tooth, face cut & Physic are the part of natural creation ie. Provided by god. But to make it batter and enhance our personality we can improve the body structure, hair style as necessary.

The communication Skills, behavior, Attitude can be changed by practice as required or thought fit.

Personality refers to Profession.

The people should always build his personality according to their profession. If  personality doesn’t match with profession it’s becomes a negative point and may become a disrupting part of the career.

The personality & profession are interrelated. Dancer, Doctor, Manager, Business man, Leader, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Teacher / Trainer, Pilot, Actor, every profession has a well defined and explained character which describes personality.

As stated earlier Dressing sense plays important role for personality & same for the profession as well. All the profession has a unique dressing code which defines their identity. For a doctor it’s a white coat, for lawyer it’s black gown, for a manager it might be slim fit coat paint, for a college going student cool young boy its just a colorful T-Shirt along with jeans etc.

Having a dynamic personality always gives the positive & effective result and make once to grow itself rapidly.

Conclusion :

  • Personality is the first & foremost element of Self Development.
  • Having a dynamic personality always lets you lead the world.
  • Personality refers to the profession.
  • Personality enhance growth.

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Vijay Ray is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public & Motivational Speaker. He Believes "Motivation" is basic need of Success & Every one should keep life on LEARNING mode always.


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