Essential Entrepreneur’s Program – Seminar Overview ! Aplomb Learning System (P) Ltd.

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When it comes to Business Training a name you can think is of Aplomb Learning System (P) Ltd.
It was Wednesday of December 5, 2018.


I got a chance to meet Mr. Manoj Thakur who is a Business/ Personal coach and public speaker. He is a business strategist and a transformation expert in the field of human potential growth. He has a keen interest in studying Social Psychology, Industrial psychology, motivation, especially role of motivation in business and in an individual’s life.

It was also fortunate to Mr. Mukul Sharma who is a thought leader, serial entrepreneur. He has also been an Inspirational Pathfinder to various high-profile entrepreneurs and other top-notch business entities providing Leadership excellence for taking their organizations to the next level.


It was a Free Seminar ( Essential Entrepreneur’s Program) held on December 05, 2018, Venue: Indian Institute of Tourism and Travels Management, Sector-62, Noida, designed after a long time research for the following audience ;
# Those who want to start a new business.
# Established business owners /Entrepreneurs; who want to improve their business model, Team, Business Idea, Strategy etc.

The seminar was an informational seminar where lots of information and experiences were shared.
We came to know about various business opportunities.

We came to know how our atmosphere is affecting our maintainability with a various example such as Monkey story, Driving a car.


The information was shared related to implicit learning, explicit learning, brain activity, and confidence building.

Few glimpses of Dominos, KFC, McD, Flipkart were also

The different stage of an organization, ideation stage, product development stage, team building & funding were the topic focused mainly.

How you can find new and innovative business ideas?
How can you find something innovative in your current business?
How can you build your business by improving just certain things?
What’s the Difference between traditional business and new business concept?

These were much informational topic touched.

Business is not just building a product and organization just once but you have to be flexible and ready to change with time all the time.

Final Words

Overall it was an amazing experience we had in the seminar and it does not just end here they are conducting the offering the Business Training Program to Train the new generation startup and traditional entrepreneurs. You can click on the link and join to develop your knowledge and build your venture by not doing the failure mistake.
As I believe a coach is very much important in life. You must take an expert advice for any problem.

I personally thank the team Ablomb Learning System Pvt. Ltd with Mr. Manoj & Mr. Mukul for sharing such valuable information and conducting the seminar & wish good luck for future entrepreneurship journey.

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Comments your overview if you have attended any seminar so far.

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Few glimpses With Mr. Manoj





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Vijay Ray is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public & Motivational Speaker. He Believes "Motivation" is basic need of Success & Every one should keep life on LEARNING mode always.

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