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It was Tuesday evening of February 26, 2019, at about 5 o’clock, something unexpected was about to happen.
It was the day when THE DIGITAL MAN OF INDIA (Mr. Deepak Kanakraju) was about to mentor the Delhitian’s.

Since Mr. Deepak named this event a casual meet up for all his Delhi’s followers but this entire session turned into a full flash informative meet up at SPRING HOUSE, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

As per the information, the venue was arranged by Mr. Ravi Chopra from Clicks Bazaar, who is a Sales Expert and provided his super formula to generate revenue from the internet that EITHER SELL OR HELP TO SELL.

You can only generate the revenue when you sell something or help someone to sell, doesn’t matter it’s a product or service but you just have to sell.

Mr. Ravi Chopra said if you have the specific perfect skills, you can sell the product of Rs. 100,000/- for Rs. 10,00,000/-.

Along with him, The show was co-hosted by Ankit Singla from who inspired people to start blogging & Amit Mishra from Tryootech (Youtuber ) who encouraged people to take initiative to start the youtube channel and produce the video content.

Amit Mishra explained his life journey of starting his channel from the zero subscribers to millions.
You might be shy at the camera and don’t feel comfortable but when you start producing the video content, your face will automatically become attractive towards camera said Amit.

He inspired people by saying that if you are already a YouTuber and not getting the subscribers, you don’t need to be demotivated and no need to give up but you have to focus on your content what are you delivering to your audience. There will be one fine day when your one video will grow your channel from 500 subscribers to 5000 subscribers in day one. So you just have to focus on content delivery, video thumbnail & audio quality for a successful youtube channel.

Amit Mishra also explained his journey of working in Wipro for Rs. 20,000/- to becoming a full-time youtube now and running his entire online business as a one-man army.

He has interviewed almost every Indian digital person along with Neil Patel on his channel.

 Anil Aggarwal from BloggersPassion also addressed the audience and announced about his upcoming youtube channel.


CA Karan Batra Shared his story of becoming a full-time blogger and not practicing his original profession Chartered Accountant.

He explained his journey of getting featured on television just because of one article on his website.

He also explained about getting the clients like G and E & Y and building the HR Consultancy run by his better half now.

The meetup was started with the general introduction of everyone but it became a game changer in a moment when Sir Deepak Kanakraju asked everyone to form a group of 5 teams to play the game named GAME THEORY.

It was an Eye opener game for everybody which delivered a message that if we are in a community and support each other and participate then we can win or else we will lose.

Well, each team had contributed the sum of Rs. 1000/- & the house (Sir Deepak Kanakraju) also contributed Rs. 5,000/- and at the end, Team FANTASTIC FOUR was a winner of Rs. 1207/- as shown in the given image below and my team 5 ALPHA Won Rs. 707/- (We lost Rs. 300) and got excellent learning.

Everything was going great but the watch was also running fast so the time came to wind up the meetup hence THE DIGITAL MAN OF INDIA winded up the session by giving some valuable lesson that

Entrepreneurship is a Lottery of Efforts.

You may win or lose.

He also said that people are always in the search of Assurance, Security & Guaranteed life and they don’t leave the comfort zone just because of this.

The people must try & take initiative and leave their comfort zone. No one has achieved extraordinary success until or unless he/she took the initiative and left the comfort zone.

He also said that when you start what could be the worst thing? you will face rejection only which is common.
We daily face rejection in our normal life. Then why don’t we take risk and initiative for something bigger and the best?

We should convert your energy to potential energy.

He also gave a formula of Thinking while taking bath.

Digital Deepak also gave tips about entrepreneurship and managing the team. He suggested the founder to talk to each of his team members and not to start politics in the organization.

The owner should directly talk to his employees from time to time to run his empire smoothly.

The session was ended by the announcement that the Digital Club will be launched soon in every state of India with the separate president, vice president, and members to explore knowledge & networking.

This was the entire session of Delhi Meetup of Digital Marketing and the show ended by taking the selfie, exchanging contacts & connecting with all the like-minded peoples.

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Vijay Ray is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public & Motivational Speaker. He Believes "Motivation" is basic need of Success & Every one should keep life on LEARNING mode always.

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