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Domain & Hosting :


Domain: To understand it in a very easy way domain is nothing but your name. it is your identification which will become a brand & will never change. As my name is Vijay Rai, that’s my identification and everybody know me by this name. My Voter I Card, Adhar Card, Bank Account everything is identified by my name Vijay Rai similarly a Domain is name identification the world will know you and search you thru google. As we have the domain This domain is the identification of our Digital Teacher Group Family.

Hence while choosing the domain you must choose a name containing the following quality.

  • It shall be branded.
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to recognize & understand.
  • Prefer to choose .com domain
  • It shall contain min. 3 & max. 10 word
  • You can choose as per your name as well as.
  • You can target your specific country or location as well eg.

You can target any specific field or category also eg.,

hosting digital teacher groupHosting: as said in the above example Domain is your name & identify the Hosting is the place where you live. It is your home or apartment. You live at the house.

When we link the domain & hosting it becomes a complete website.

Note: Buy Domain & Hosting from Separate Registrar, not from the same company. 

Points to be considered while buying Domain & Hosting

Buying a domain and hosting can be a big hustle for you. Since there is various service provider available in the market, it creates complexity to choose the right one. Some of the providers are high price tagged and there is a lot of low priced. Since budget is the main reason for anything when you go to buy and there is a saying that as much you pour the sugar as much sweet it will be in Hindi “ jitna jyda chini daloge utna mitha hoga”  therefore your budget will be the most important factor for buying the domain & hosting and choosing the right service provider.

Apart from the Budget, there are certain key points to remember while purchasing the Domain & Hosting.

  • Purpose: It is important to understand your need for domain & Hosting. If you are at starting face of this field and going to experiment everything you should go with the cheap rate service provider since you are at practicing stage and you will get nothing in return from your website except the knowledge. However, if you don’t have the money issue and you can afford the value you should choose for the best with average price.

Also if you are an individual and not holding the website more than one & your purpose is also not about generating the revenue from the website, you have just created this for your knowledge you should choose the cheap rate provider. But if you are web developer, designer or any service provider, having some clients or you have the purpose of generating some revenue from your blog or website then my recommendation for you is not to compromise here and choose the best one since the website will be your assets which will be increasing your bank balance and the price paying for domain & hosting will be your investment.

Remember if the service provider is best, the website will work best, best website attracts more visitors, more visitors refers to more clients & more clients means more profit. Hence these all are framed cycle and a complete chain process. If the chain will be broken the entire process will break down.

To clarify this better I have the visitors for my website in millions and I can not go with any baby plan or low rate service provider since it will slow down the speed of website and the visitors will be distracted but on the other hand I have another website which is to experiment and practice so buying the high rate hosting for that will be a foolish action.

Hence Understand your need & purpose for buying the Domain & Hosting and choose the best one.

  • Storage: This is the point where most of the starter gets stuck. You may see that most of the service provider may offer you the unlimited storage facility but in the real world, it is not possible to provide the unlimited storage facility in low cost and no one even provide the same. To make this batter you determine first of all which type of website do you own and how much storage do you require. If your website is just an informatics you can deal with the low storage. Storage is required in case there is need of Video, Audio or Image in your website since these are elements which require huge space. If there is video and that’s in HD it may require even the large space. So my recommendation for this is to use youtube for video and audio rather than using your purchased space if it’s possible but in case your video is priced and scalable you will have to buy the storage capacity according to your need.
  • Customer Service Support: This is another point to note since the customer is served as a god and if the service provider is not active towards its customer it is a negative sign. Choose that service provider which is available 24* 7 since there are most of the company providing this facility nowadays. Some of the company is providing the support over the call and some are providing over the mail only.

Note: Buy Domain & Hosting from Separate Registrar, not from the same company.  

Below listed is the Service provider with a given link to help you to buy Domain & Hosting.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Big Rock
  3. Godaddy
  4. Hostgator

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