Best 5 Books Every Teacher must read

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Since we start growing up there is need of growing the Mind, Intelligence and Knowledge. In this dynamic changing world, there is a need to grow yourself fast as per the trend. You will not grow with the trend you will be finished.

Being a teacher our nature is of always finding something new, developing skills and building the knowledge. These all are the basic need of life. Some of the people think that the education is over after college and they stop educating themselves but I think your real education starts after college and schooling. You need to know about the world.  For my self in transforming my entire life after education books became the greatest teacher, greatest partner, greatest crush & greatest community. All the greatest people share there experience of life, some good moment, some bad moment, new techniques and fundamental in their books. Everyone tries to give something to the reader. Hence it made me grow even faster.

Whatever platform I am having right now is because of the great learning experience from all the mentor of the books. I am mentioning here a few elements which will definitely grow your life experience.

  1. Who moved my cheese (Spencer Johnson )

This is my all time Favorite book which I recommend all the people must read. This is just a 60-page book for one or two hrs read but gives the best experience of life. Mr. Spencer has beautifully explained the new learning and finding the purpose of life concept using four characters. He has targeted especially the students, corporate employees and people looking for safety security with one job and are not able to come out of comfort zone. Scurry, Sniff, Hem, and Haw are the character playing the role.


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  1. How to win Friends and influence people

The Author Dale Carnegie has tried to explain every concept of life for a people which will make him live the life fullest. You will be knowing some hard and bitter truth about the life. The Author has shared lots of experiences along with the different category of people. He has also defined the solution with the problem in every aspect.

The major sections of the books are :

  1. Twelve things this books will do for you
  2. Fundamental Techniques in handling the people
  3. Six ways to make people like you
  4. Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking
  5. How to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment
  6. Letters that produced miracles result
  7. Seven rules for making your home life happier

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  1. The 80-20 Principle

Written by Richard Koch The 80 -20 Principle gives the best experience and knowledge to the people that how we are achieving the result only 20% by working hard 80%. How to achieve more by doing less has a driven solution provided in the book.

In normal life we meet with the people, We go to the office, study, Relationship and in every corner of life, this Principle applies.

Everywhere the outcomes are only 20% and the rest 80% is wasted. The normal people don’t notice these points and waste their most of the time by dealing with non paying 80%.

Our network might be in millions and billions but there are only 20% people with whom we are connected in real sense and rest 80% are not even used.

How to focus on the 20% main points of life, How to achieve more by doing less, How to grow by Doing less:? If these are your question, you must read this life-transforming book.


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  1. The one minute manager

The one minute manager book name defines its meaning clearly. This book is basically preferred to the leader, manager & Professionally driven people who want drive their life on the next level.

This books covered several corporate questions that how a manager or leader quotes and takes decision instantly without wasting his energy.

This is one another recommendation from my side if you really wanna be a good leader. It will give you some concept to deal with your junior & senior, how to answer the people, how to handle the workload, how to face clients, how to manage work stress.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from this book “ if you are coming with a question then that’s a complain not a question”

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  1. You can win

Mr. Shiv khera is worldwide known for best motivational and life-changing speaker. He has written several books and has inspired the world through his words. You can win is one of his all-time great selling book which gives you the real inspiration and motivation from all the aspects of life. There are plenty of examples, Quotes, Questions and suggested answer to deal with the same.

Below mentioned are the major points explained in the book.

Importance of Attitude

How to build a Positive Attitude

Self – Esteem

Motivation, Success,

Holding you back from reaching to your goal

Steps to build a positive Attitude

Subconscious mind and Habits

Goal settings, Values, and vision


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Share your experience with books you love the most.

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Vijay Ray is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public & Motivational Speaker. He Believes "Motivation" is basic need of Success & Every one should keep life on LEARNING mode always.

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