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It happens normally when we have to face a situation we get scary or a fear enter inside our body like introducing ourselves in front of 10 or more people, facing an interview, talking to some special person or going to the stage our heart beat increases, we jitters, and because of this we can’t face the situation perfectly, cant give our 100% and even can’t introduce ourselves and later on regret on ourselves that we could do this, like this not like that and bla bla.

The Reason

The reason behind this Regret, Anxiety and fear is Lack of confidence & feeling of less powerful. We wouldn’t be afraid of talking to 10 children but would surely to talk to 3 CEOs of Billion Dollar companies because then we would be feeling less powerful and it is fact that when we feel less powerful we make more mistakes and becomes so impulsive that can’t do anything good which is not good for us.

Hence it is very important before handling any situation we should feel very powerful, because this is the only way which will convert our regret & fear into composure, confidence & satisfaction.

Author Amy met with an accident and got injuries on his head and doctor said it would be possible for him to continue his collage now but Amy Proved him wrong. She didn’t only completed her collage but became the professor also of the Harvard University and also provided Ted talk and wrote a book.

How to get much Power & Confidence ?

So the question is how did the author got this much power and confidence ? which made her to challenge and defeat the doctors and other person of the society by becoming successful. And the answer is Research of herself. To feel powerful and confident the author find a simple technique which she always used and was the main reason of her success and we can feel confident and powerful as well by using those technique. And that technique is EXPANDING yourself.

When an athlete or a normal person win a game or achieve something his body comes to V or X shape which is called universal victory pose by author because this is done by everybody of any community , religion, country and even done by the people who haven’t seen anything till now means the people who can’t see by their eyes.

Science Behind Confidence

There is a science behind this that when we are feeling confident and powerful then our body expand and we take more space and on the other hand when we are depressed, sad or powerless we merge ourselves and take very less space. This nature is not found in human only but in the animals also. When an animal has to show his power that become long or big and try to show he is bigger and more powerful and the animal feeling no power or getting fear start getting their body very small.

It doesn’t imply only on the body language but at the time of talking also. Most of the time when people feeling less confident and powerful he/she use to talk fast without pause with the mentality that he/she will waste the time of second person or the second person wouldn’t like him/her that’s why he starts speaking fastly. Some time he becomes so fast that other person don’t even understand what did he say.

On the other hand confident and powerful people talk slow and taking time means by expanding their time and take pause in between which indicates power in their words.

Subconscious Mind

Our brain is connected with our body which command subconsciously that how to behave in different situations it means our body language changes according to our emotions and we have no control over it and we all know that, but the the author said according to her research it’s opposite is also possible.  Means “we can change our emotions by changing our body language “


In simple terms when you are feeling under confidence , fear or less powerful then for just 2 minutes make any powerful poses it will boost your confidence, let you feel more powerful instantly. High power poses like Victory pose, Super power pose, sitting by open and expanded hand or by taking hand on back side of head, basically any pose which takes large space and by doing this simple act you will start feeling more confident and powerful in a very few minutes.

For example author made 2 group and said to be in high powerful poses to one group and to be in low powerful poses to another group and take blood test of both the group which gives him to know that the group who did 2 Minutes high poses their testosterone increased by 20% and Cortisol level was decreased by 25%, on the other hand the second group’s result was it’s opposite ie. Their Testosterone level was decreased by 10 % and Cortisol level was increased by 17%. Testosterone is a Dominance Harmonce which increases Assertiveness, confidence and power & Cortisol is related to Stress and fear. Hence higher the Testosterone and lower the Cortisol the batter it is and it can be done easily by the high power pose. Power poses tell to mind that we have won which gives us power and confidence.

That’s why we should be in high power pose at least for 2 min. everyday while getting wake up which will make our day great.




Best way to deal with stress :

Most of the people make mistake that when they start getting into the stress situation like going to the interview or stage their heartbeats starts increasing they try to be quite & peace. They try to hide their negative feelings and such advice are also given from the nearest one that calm down, relax, don’t be nervous, just chill everything is gonna be alright which is not likely the right advise. For most of the people it is not possible to hide their nervousness & fear at that time.

Overcoming technique

Overcoming technique for this problem is instead of hiding those negative feelings convert it into positive feelings. In other words instead of saying your mind to be relax, calm down etc. say yes, I am feeling so much excited, will have fun, feeling energized etc. doing this will convert the negative energy into positive energy which will give positive outcome as well.

Conclusion :

  1. Before going to any important and stressful situation try to be in 2 min. high power poses. Victory pose or any of your favorite one. It will increase your confidence level.
  2.  If your getting more nervous, convert it into positive energy. Saying that you  are so much excited.

These simple tricks may give the best possible result. If you start following this.

This article is all about the book PRESENCE by Amy Cuddy.

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