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10 Way to Stay FOCUS Towards Your DREAMS

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The focus is a superpower in itself. The people who have this superpower, he has the divine grace of God because everybody doesn’t get this easily. I have seen lots of people being unfocused towards their goals, dreams & vision. It’s a fact that if you are not focused on anything you will not get success.

The focus is an element of success & success is not a destination where you have to reach but it’s a journey where you keep continuing going on.

In this world, everyone has a dream and I believe that everybody must have a dream those who don’t have, they should make a dream.

Everyone has a different dream. For someone it’s about getting lots of money, for someone it’s about getting name & fame, for someone it’s traveling around the globe, for someone its business, for someone its loving his or her partner, for someone it’s being drunk & for someone its making revolution on this planet.

But there are lots of obstacles which distract us to complete our dreams & those obstacles are endless hence it becomes very important either to ignore the obstacle or find any perfect solution for the same.

Everyone has a different opinion to overcome from the obstacles as someone can suggest about meditation, someone can suggest about worship or being religious. I don’t say it doesn’t work but depends upon your skills and mindset where you can find the result.

I have also tried to find out 10 best super experienced, tried and tested method which can make you to stay focused towards your goal and if you are focused you may complete your dreams.

  1. Planning & Vision Clarity

  2. Planning

    This is the first step of your success journey or making your dreams come true. You must prepare a plan first of all. If you are wishing for something you must create a plan. And planning shall be documented not in mind. Everything shall be documented. A plan shall be in a variable way that if there is a need it can be changed not strict. While making plan keep all the possible points and elements in mind that What are you going to plan ? how are you going to plan ? What’s the target point? whatever the possible element is, must be kept in mind.

    Vision clarity

    This point is very much important to be focused because if your vision is not cleared you will flow with the situation. You will reach nowhere. Hence you must clear your vision to stay focus.

    Vision clarity helps you to go on any specific track which is very much important.

    Vision clarity is you know your destination. You must know your destination. When your vision is clear you will be on a mission to reach there. Your focusing power will increase automatically. It will not let you sleep. Vision clarity has this much of power.

    The people whose vision is not clear they will not try to find the way even, then making focus is totally nonsense talk for them. Hence clarity of your vision is much more important than other element.

    1. Achievement Reward

    This step helps you to be motivated. When you reward yourself for any achievement it means you are making your self-feel proud and the world knows to feel proud always gives the pleasure with motivation to work more and more.

    See, the reward is just a reward. It doesn’t have any value. So whenever you complete a task or cross one level of your plan give yourself a reward.

    A reward may any kind of small treat, sweets, foods, gifts, clothes anything whatever your preference is. You need not to be expensive for this.

    Also, make sure when you reward yourself try to keep few people there so that you can increase your own value.

    This reward will help you to do more from your planning list and you will be able to maintain your focus.

    1. Balanced Daily Routine.

    I have seen so many people that they don’t have any routine. They don’t even know about there tomorrow timings and work than what they are gonna do the next day. They go either with the situation or do nothing.

    Don’t let your self-falls in that category.

    Also, don’t add too much activity in your routine.

    Make your routine balanced.

    There shall be limited activity and all action shall be productive.

    Most of the people add too much activity in their routine such as reading, dancing, singing, exercise, working, club, hangout, movie, business, meetings and do nothing. Don’ add the activity you can’t do.

    Be a limited and balanced person. Know your worth and capacity.

    When you are balanced with an activity you give time to yourself, you actually give time to your dream, to your brain. You train yourself in a way you can achieve the greatest.

    Learn to say NO. It is also necessary. You can’t do everything and you can’t make everyone happy. This is the most important lesson in life. Always remember.

    You must say no to people.

  3. 4. Be Positive Live Positive Always Approach

  4. See, whenever our mind gets distracted it’s because of negative thoughts, some kind of negative energy or negative vibes hence you should always try to be positive & ignore all the negative. If any negative point is raising in your mind remove it on the spot by raising another positive point. It’s just like killing the negative on the spot. There shall not be any space in your mind for the negative. Your mind shall be full of positive energy.  Don’t leave even 1% gap for negativity.If there are negative people leave their company & if it’s not possible to leave their company then try to avoid them or start ignoring but leaving their company is better. Guru Chanakya said that if there is any problem find the permanent solution, the temporary solution will waste your time, money & energy all.

    The thing that makes your confidence down remove them from yourself. If that’s a place don’t go there, if that’s a song don’t listen, if that’s a movie don’t watch, if that’s a book don’t read. If that’s a cloth don’t wear it.

    Above all the points are negative which you may think.

    Now how can you convert it into positive?

    See every possible object or element has a substitute.

    If you are avoiding a negative friend try to find a positive one.

    If you are loosing a bad habit try to build a good one.

    If you are avoiding any place trying to find the best one also.

    by doing these small changes in yourself you will find the changes within you.

  5. 5. Imagination Power

  6. I found this principal from Law of attraction. If you have not read the book Secret – Law of attraction, I highly recommend you to read. Also, there is a movie available on youtube you must watch. It’s all about imagination power.You actually live healthier & happy life with this power.Imagination power helps you to build your dream come true.

    It says you need to ask to nature whatever your wish or desire is and that shall be definite or certain objects or elements.

    Also, you should feel that you have achieved your goals & live in the same pleasure as you will live when your dreams will come true.

    Nature gives you everything. If you’re wishing for money, ask nature for a fixed amount in a fixed period of time & see the magic, nature will start processing and you will receive the amount in any way but you need to have faith & trust on nature.

    But also it doesn’t mean that you should become a daydreamer and just start wishing for everything from nature but to work towards your goal is also important.

    Whatever your dream is, doesn’t matter either its Money, Car, Big House, Business, Partner or Name – fame anything. You just need to understand the law of attraction and ask nature for that.

    There are lots of examples which state that people who imagined for their selves have achieved on time.

    Let’s try this right away suppose you are wishing for a car, Now you should start believing & feeling that you already have a car of specific color with specific brand name & specific value. You should imagine that you are driving the car if you wish with your partner and going to your favorite place.

    Nature will start processing its formality you need to focus on your goal of buying the car. If there is a shortage of funds, nature will arrange it in any way. Either from friends, relatives, loan, jobs salary or any way but if you wished and you’re having imagination with super confidence you will get it by the time.

    6. Surrounding your self with a similar object

  7. This method is about your atmosphere. you need to surround your self with people of similar interest. If your goal is to be a teacher you need to get in touch with the teachers, You should join the seminars related to teaching community, you should attend the workshop of the same community. You need to make friends of similar interest. You need to watch videos related to teachers and education. You need to read books related to teachers, you need to read similar articles, blogs & so on.Surrounding yourself with people is just not enough but you should also change your thought process, your lifestyle, your dressing sense, your body language, everything shall be related to your dreams.

    For example, you must have seen the people interested in politics wear white kurtas mostly & speak a lot. The business wear processional dresses and talk about their product or service.

    So you must create your atmosphere according to your dream and as you start surrounding yourself with these people you also start building your network, knowledge & market as well which is the next step of your success journey.

    7. Writing Notes

  8. Writing notes is a habit of all successful people. I highly recommend everyone to write notes. If you can’t write notes or articles on a dairy, you should choose any digital platform or social media where you can share your thoughts, ask for a suggestion from the community and increase your values & beliefs.When you start writing, you actually start the second step of the success journey. Writing gives you clarity. Your vision becomes more clear & you start finding the way.

    I recommend writing also because when you write you make some research and when you research you increase your knowledge & it indicates that you are focused towards your goals & dreams.

    Hence there is not only one benefit of writing notes.

    Writing makes you to be documented, you can share the things, you can revise it, you can recall it, you don’t need to memorize it.

    I normally share my writing on Facebook with an audience, write blogs on my website, send emails to my follower.


    8. Commitment Formula

    It is something which hooks you up to be strict and focused towards your dreams.

    You need to share your commitment to a few people. When you make any commitment to anyone then your mind starts feeling a type of burden and there is inside fear of insult that if you will fail with your commitment you will have to be guilty or there will be an insult. Hence you start focusing again and again towards your dreams completion and your brain starts working and finding the way.

    For me, I make a commitment to my facebook group with the people that I will be completing this particular task within this period. I also make a commitment to myself but It fails most of the time. So now I also choose my brother with whom I make a commitment. I choose my few friends also.

    Similarly, you need to make a commitment with the people.

    9. Comparison Power

  9. There are 2 element of comparison one gives the negative output and other gives the positive output. Hence here I choose the comparison power. Although I am against the comparison of power, for certain situation comparison is good.If you are comparing a fish to climb a tree with a squirrel than that’s your foolishness.

    Hence comparison is good with similar criteria, category & other similar factors.

    You should compare yourself with the people who are of the same age group, classmate, neighbors, friends, relatives, other states, country  & has achieved something great or bigger than you.

    It will also hook you up to work more, to find more ways to increase your speed towards your dream & you will stay focused.

  10. Why did I start Approach

    This is another form of never give up approach. There will be a situation you will feel to give up. You will be on the scale to not move further, then start thinking why did you start if you are giving up now. What about the peoples you promised, what about the family you dreamed for, what about the name you thought, what about the struggle you have done so far, what about the Time, Money, Energy you invested? Nothing will be back then you are you taking the back step. Keep continuing going ahead. Your dream is just after this step.

    At this stage, you can connect all your failure dots and there will be nothing in future but to curse yourself that if you would have tried it at least once again so why not to connect all the small achievement and try one more time. There is a possibility that the dream is just after this step.

    So this will make you to focus on your goals and dreams.


Comment your dreams and problems you are facing to stay focus so that we can try to find out the more solution.


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